Teachers and innovations : on the role of ownership, sense-making, and agency

The results showed that the teachers in the engaged group had statistically significantly higher scores on all four scales of the student questionnaire than the teachers in the reserved group

E. Ketelaar; E.. / Teachers and innovations : on the role of ownership Ketelaar


Scholarcy highlights

  • Teachers play an important role in the implementation of educational innovations
  • The specific educational innovation that was of central focus in this dissertation pertains to the change toward a more coaching role of the teachers in the classroom
  • Which similarities and differences in teachers’ learning experiences related to taking on a coaching role can be found, using ownership, sensemaking, and agency as a framework? Teachers’ perceptions of the coaching role in the classroom Chapter 2 presents a study on SVE teachers’ perceptions of the coaching role
  • A weak relationship between "learning environment" and the role conception of being a pedagogical expert was found, indicating that the more teachers judged themselves as being a pedagogical expert, the more their perceptions of the coaching role related to contributing to a safe and personal atmosphere in the learning environment
  • Data were collected by means of a questionnaire completed by 253 students of 10 SVE teachers
  • The questionnaire consisted of four scales, namely selfdirected learning, personalisation, task and process oriented coaching activities and progress and planning oriented coaching activities
  • Considerable differences were found in teachers’ feelings of ownership towards the coaching role, their processes of sense-making of it, and their experiences of agency within their work

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