Global climate change impacts in the United States

Climate change is apparent across our nation


Scholarcy highlights

  • Climate change is apparent across our nation
  • Trends observed in recent decades include rising temperatures, increasing heavy downpours, rising sea level, longer growing seasons, reductions in snow and ice, and changes in the amounts and timing of river flows
  • These trends are projected to continue, with larger changes resulting from higher amounts of heat-trapping gas emissions, and smaller changes from lower amounts of these emissions
  • The observed changes in climate are already causing a wide range of impacts, and these impacts are expected to grow
  • Major shifts in species are expected, such as maple-beech-birch forests being replaced by oak-hickory in the Northeast
  • Heavy Downpours More rain is already coming in very heavy events, and this trend is projected to increase across the nation
  • “Adaptation” refers to changes made to better respond to present or future climate conditions in order to reduce harm or take advantage of opportunities

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