An efficient reliability estimation method for CNTFET‐based logic circuits

We propose a reliability evaluator based on a probability transfer matrix

Hadi Jahanirad; Mostafa Hosseini


Scholarcy highlights

  • The carbon nanotube field-­effect transistor is one of the most promising transistor types that can replace metal-­oxide-­silicon field-e­ffect transistors in future digital integrated circuits
  • CNTFETs have emerged as promising candidates to solve the downscaling problems faced by Si-b­ ased complementary metal-­oxide-­semiconductor technology
  • An analytical method was developed for the reliability evaluation of CNTFET-b­ased combinational logic circuits
  • A gate's probability transfer matrix is computed at the transistor level based on the short and open fault probabilities of CNTFETs
  • For the ISCAS 85 benchmark circuits, our method shows achieved an average reliability estimation error of less than 3%
  • The speed-u­ p ratios of the proposed method are more than 6 × 105 times compared to the MC approach and 800 times compared to previous stochastic approaches

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