Double milling in self-propelled swarms from kinetic theory

We present a kinetic theory for swarming systems of interacting, self-propelled discrete particles

José A. Carrillo;


Scholarcy highlights

  • Viewed as a collective, interacting individuals often flow into spectacular coherent patterns
  • We have developed a kinetic theory approach aimed at describing self-propelling swarming systems driven by general pairwise interactions
  • Our analysis leads to a new class of macroscopic solutions to swarming systems consisting of double, superimposed rotating mills
  • We find the conditions under which double mills can coexist
  • We have extended the kinetic theory to the interacting particle system with random noise effects
  • We have demonstrated that the kinetic theory approach leads to a unified hierarchy of swarming models bridging the particle description to all the hydrodynamic and continuum descriptions available in the literature
  • Future development includes a full numerical solution of the kinetic equations, both in one and two dimensions

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