A Seismic Data Acquisition System Based on Wireless Network Transmission

To verify the low-frequency response characteristics of the supported beam transducer and the central compressed transducer, we provide them with 1 Hz sine wave transducer the 16 central compressed we provide them

Yanxia Huang; Junlei Song; Wenqin Mo; Kaifeng Dong; Xiangning Wu; Jianyi Peng; Fang Jin


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  • Introduction published maps and institutional affilSeismic exploration technology is the most reliable and commonly used technology in oil exploration and plays an important role in the detection of oil reserves
  • Traditional wired seismic exploration equipment has bulky cables making it very difficult to artificially deploy geophones in complex environments, making it impossible to meet the requirements of seismic exploration
  • The rapid development of exploration equipment has mainly manifested in the following two aspects: the demand for mineral resources, which is continuously increasing, and seismic exploration areas, which have gradually developed into complex environments such as hills and rainforests
  • The demand for “high-efficiency, wideband and high sensitivity“ equipment has prompted the development of seismic exploration instruments towards flexible and portable large-scale wireless ad hoc networks
  • During by theusing hexadecimal conversion, the positive negative of the 13 collected the structure control system, which consists of a calibration controller data are firstlydiagram judged, of andthe the hexadecimal results are calculated according to the
  • previous research: the model based on PMN-PT is 95% higher than that of the model based on PZT, indicatthe model based on PMN-PT is 95% higher than that of the model based on PZT, indicating ing that PMN-PT can significantly improve theVsensitivity of the PE transducer model
  • This paper proposes a PE transducer with a supported beam structure using This as paper has completed the design experimental research of a seismic data
  • The fidelity of the supvoltage signal is filtered and amplified, it is collected by an to digitize ported beam is better than that of the central compressed structure under the vibrationthe of acceleration signal, which achieves the functions of data acquisition and data transmission of the seismic data acquisition system

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