Ablation of Peroxiredoxin V Exacerbates Ischemia/Reperfusion-Induced Kidney Injury in Mice

We focused on the role of Prx V during I/R-induced acute kidney injury using Prx V knockout mice

Jiyoung Park; Eun Gyeong Lee; Ho Jin Yi; Nam Hee Kim; Sue Goo Rhee; Hyun Ae Woo


Scholarcy highlights

  • The kidneys are important organs of excretory systems, and these bean-shaped organs are about the size of one’s fist
  • Ischemic damage markers showed no significant difference between Prx V WT and WT mice
  • There is accumulating evidence that suggests that an important consequence of I/R injury at least partly contributes to the high morbidity and mortality rates of patients with acute kidney injury
  • Ischemia leads to hypoxia by restriction of blood flow supply, lack of oxygen causes change of aerobic metabolism to anaerobic metabolism for cell survival, but subsequently reperfusion leads to reactive oxygen species generation by rapid restoration of blood
  • Our results indicate that Prx V plays a protective role in I/R induced-kidney injury and that it could be a potential therapeutic target for AKI or chronic kidney disease
  • All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript

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