Dietary Mannan Oligosaccharides Modulate Gut Inflammatory Response and Improve Duodenal Villi Height in Post-Weaning Piglets Improving Feed Efficiency

We investigated the efficacy of mannan oligosaccharides to support gut health and improve growth performance

Alessandro Agazzi


Scholarcy highlights

  • Optimal conditions of the gastrointestinal tract throughout all the production cycle are of primary importance for the piglet metabolism and physiology to improve performance
  • Our results suggest that mannan oligosaccharides can exert beneficial effects on gut health, improving duodenal morphology and modulating the expression of inflammation-related genes, which are accompanied by improved feed efficiency
  • To assess the effects of the dietary treatment on gut health, we evaluated the gene expression of some Interleukins and Toll-Like Receptors in addition to intestinal morpho-functional parameters and faecal microbial populations
  • Growth Performance and Faecal Microbiology Mannan oligosaccharides supplementation did not affect body weight, body weight gain and feed intake, while feed efficiency was improved in treated group piglets in the last two weeks of the trial
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  • The optimal experimental conditions might have masked the effects of MOS; additional studies including more challenging conditions will help to clarify the real potential of MOS administration to post-weaning piglets

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