Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Its Mitigation Strategies: A Review

Received: 26 December 2020 Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to the world in present times

Gurdeep Singh Malhi; Manpreet Kaur; Prashant Kaushik


Scholarcy highlights

  • Received: 26 December 2020Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to the world in present times
  • It is defined as significant changes in the average values of meteorological elements, such as precipitation and temperature, for which averages have been computed over a long period
  • The concentration of greenhouses gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide have been increased by 150%, 40% and 20%, respectively since 1750
  • Carbon dioxide emissions, which account for the maximum proportion of greenhouse gases, rose to 36.14 billion metric tons in 2014 from 22.15 billion metric tons in 1990
  • An increasing population has put a lot of pressure on agriculture to ensure the food and nutritional security of the world, which is further worsening with climate change
  • These technologies include water-smart practices, nutrient-smart practices, weather-smart activities, carbon-smart activities and knowledge-smart activities. These technologies significantly reduce the effects of climate change on crops, and make them more suited to the climate by minimizing the unfavorable impacts

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