Role of Cytokinin, Strigolactone, and Auxin Export on Outgrowth of Axillary Buds in Apple

The present results suggest that in apple auxin transport from the axillary bud to the stem may be essential for the outgrowth of axillary buds, and at least, is involved in the process of bud outgrowth

Ming Tan; Guofang Li; Xilong Chen; Libo Xing; Juanjuan Ma; Dong Zhang; HongJuan Ge; Mingyu Han; Guangli Sha; Na An


Scholarcy highlights

  • Shoot branching is important for tree structure, blossoming, and fruit yield management in apple
  • Plant height, bud length, stem diameter, leaf size, and branch angle between shoot and branch were initially similar in the WT and more-branching mutant, but significant differences were observed at 60 days after bud break
  • Compared with those of the WT, MB axillary buds displayed a significant increase in frequency of outgrowth and development of secondary branches, a reduced branch angle, and produced longer branches arising from the stem base
  • Abundance of MsMAX1, MsMAX2 and MsD14 transcripts fluctuated in response to exogenous CK, compared with that of GA3. These results indicated that the expression patterns of MsMAX1, MsMAX2, and MsD14 might be uncorrelated with the stage of axillary bud outgrowth in apple
  • Combined with the effects of GR24 and naphthylphalamic acid treatments on axillary bud outgrowth in the WT and MB, these results suggest that auxin export from the axillary buds to the stem is involved in bud outgrowth in apple
  • Auxin transport from the axillary bud to the stem may be essential during axillary bud outgrowth of in apple
  • The present results permit formulation of a schematic model for explanation of the diverse effects of different hormones on axillary buds in the WT and more-branching mutant

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