Innovation Journalism: A Multiple Concept

We propose in this article initial directions under which aspects it is possible to understand the journalism innovation

Ana Marta Moreira Flores


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  • RESUMO - – Pensar a atividade jornalística para além de suas formas tradicionais é uma prática já recorrente no jornalismo contemporâneo
  • The innovation journalism is one that necessarily passes through modifications in techniques, technologies, processes, languages, formats and devices intended to enhance the production and consumption of the journalistic information. Another important point to delimit the innovation journalism is to understand that the basic processes of the journalistic practice - verification, checking, writing, editing and dissemination, for example - are maintained
  • The scenario was compartmentalized in three typologies derived from what is considered innovation journalism, namely: 1) content and narrative, 2) technology and format, and 3) business model
  • Among the labs analyzed in the study, it was possible to identify four front lines referring to the work focus: 1) 12 laboratories focused on the technological development of digital apps; 2) Nine laboratories focusing on new narratives, multimedia formats and data journalism; 3) Seven labs with promotion and encouragement of new business projects, business initiatives and start ups; and 4) three laboratories such as vocational training and media literacy schools for young people
  • In Brazil, according to data compiled by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas: In September 2016, the digital signatures of 33 newspapers with online editions monitored by the IVC reached 818,873, a number 20% higher than the average of 2015
  • The prospect for the coming years is that the idea presented on innovation journalism should be at least a strategy of trans-media narrative, with stories that unfold on different media platforms, contributing to an integral sense, optional for the understanding of the journalistic content

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