Plant Growth Regulator Impacts on Vegetative Cutting Production of Moroccan Pincushion (Pterocephalus depressus) Plants

This paper describes two experiments researching vegetative cutting production from stock plants

Sean J. Markovic; James E. Klett


Scholarcy highlights

  • Production of cuttings from herbaceous perennial stock plants can be challenging for producers
  • Cuttings from stock plants treated with gibberellic acid 3 alone or in combination with another plant growth regulators were all greater in average growth index and statistically differed from those without GA3 being applied
  • Chemicals used in this study: gibberellic acid, benzyladenine, ethephon, indole-3-butyric acid
  • Statistical differences were observed in comparison to only the nontreated control, as plants treated with GA3 þ benzyladenine produced 2.59 more cuttings in experiment 1, while plants treated with GA3 þ benzyladenine produced 2.49
  • The addition of another PGR to GA3 showed positive interactions which increased the number of cuttings produced by stock plants, which follows the patterns in previous research performed on Individual cutting fresh weight, individual cutting dry weight, and growth index of moroccan pincushion stock plants averaged over 4 harvest dates as influenced by seven plant growth regulator treatments: benzyladenine, ethephon, gibberellic acid 3, GA3 þ auxin, GA3 þ benzyladenine, GA3 þ ethephon, and a nontreated control
  • This study was conducted to determine whether GA3, benzyladenine, ethephon, or a combination of GA3 and benzyladenine, ethephon, or IBA applications can improve the number of cuttings and successful rooting of cuttings taken from moroccan pincushion stock plants

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