A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Political Speeches: The Case of Donald Trump’s 2016 Election Speeches

<p><em>This paper investigates the different verbal and non-verbal meaning making resources manifested in the speeches of Akron, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona delivered by Donald Trump during his presidential campaign in 2016

Mohamed Hassanien Abdel Ghany Hassan Elsanhoury


Scholarcy highlights

  • Due to the significant development of multimedia and technology, the way human beings communicate has dramatically changed
  • Section two is devoted to the analysis of verbal and non-verbal resources by means of representational, interactive and Analyzing the selected speeches using MMDA software, resulted in finding five dominant themes
  • The analysis reveals that the strategy of US/THEM is used as a means of distancing and delegitimizing the current administration, the establishment, Donald Trump’s opponents, and illegal immigrants
  • In terms of information value, the placement of the represented participants in the aforementioned figures take on key information roles
  • The centre-margin layout places Donald Trump in the centre to provide with the nucleus of information on which all the other elements are to some extent subservient
  • In figure, figure, figure and figure, Donald Trump and his stage are the most salient and conspicuous items. This is because the size of Donald Trump within the frame, the sharpness of colors, and predominance of the blue, white and red colors which represent the American flag in the background

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