Evaluation of Immune Response towards Hepatitis B Virus Vaccination among Vaccinated Students of Ardebil University of Medical Sciences in Iran

Given that immune response towards the vaccine is not perfect, we aimed to evaluate circumstances of immune response in vaccinated students

Ebrahim Falah Khoshkholgh; Department of Immunology and Microbiology


Scholarcy highlights

  • Hepatitis B infection is a major public health problem worldwide
  • It was observed that 201 cases out of 219 cases had positive anti-HBs antibody response, and 18 subjects were nonresponsive cases
  • It has been reported that high- and accelerated-dose regimen of Hepatitis B vaccination leads to the improvements in the immune response in alcoholic individuals
  • The results of the present study show that immunogenicity to HBV is not perfect and decreases with the progression of time lasting from the third dose of vaccination
  • We suggest that the antiHBs antibody evaluation to be conducted after the completion of vaccination program to ensure the attainment of adequate protective antibody levels
  • It would be useful for management of health policy and programs, conducting other studies will be necessary to reach to the vigorous conclusions in Iranian population

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