Effets de l'apport de bois raméal sur la plante et le sol: une revue des résultats expérimentaux

Pour citer cet article: Barthes BG, Manlay RJ, Porte O

Bernard G. Barthès


Scholarcy highlights

  • Pour citer cet article : Barthes BG, Manlay RJ, Porte O
  • Increasing attention is being paid by farmers and extension services to soil amendment with small branches
  • The present work summarizes statistically significant results regarding the effects of such branch amendments
  • soil amendment with chipped ramial wood has a positive effect on crop yield
  • for the crop that immediately follows the first burying of CRW in sandy soils
  • The effects of CRW application can be affected by several factors
  • Les bois rameaux fragmentes n’ont pas d’interet clairement decisif par rapport aux apports herbaces ou azotes (statut orga-

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