Thyrotrophin receptor protein expression in normal and adenomatous human pituitary

This study shows, for the first time, the presence of TSH receptor protein in the normal anterior pituitary and in a subset of thyrotroph adenomas

M Theodoropoulou; T Arzberger; Y Gruebler; Z Korali; P Mortini; W Joba; AE Heufelder; GK Stalla; L Schaaf


Scholarcy highlights

  • Thyrotrophin is the major regulator of thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion
  • RT-PCR analysis of all three normal pituitary glands resulted in the amplification of the predicted 681 bp band corresponding to the TSH receptor
  • RT-PCR studies are limiting as they cannot be used to determine the exact cell types involved; IHC was performed in order to further localise the TSH-R protein within individual cell subpopulations in normal and adenomatous human pituitary
  • We demonstrate the presence of TSH-R at both mRNA and protein levels in the human anterior pituitary
  • The number of TSH-R immunopositive thyrotrophs was lower in the TSH-omas than in the normal pituitary, in which almost half of the TSH immunopositive cells were displaying TSH-R ir
  • Taking into account the fact that TSH synthesis and secretion by TSH-omas escape from the classical feedback control of thyrotrophin releasing hormone and thyroid hormones, it is possible that TSH plays a role in regulating its own synthesis
  • We demonstrate TSH receptor expression at both mRNA and protein levels in the human pituitary gland and in TSH immunopositive pituitary adenomas

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