Thyroid Hormone Regulates reelin and dab1Expression During Brain Development

Since these processes are controlled by thyroid hormone, we studied the effect of thyroid hormone deprivation and administration on the expression of reelin and dab1

Manuel Alvarez-Dolado; Mónica Ruiz; José A. Del Rı́o; Soledad Alcántara; Ferran Burgaya; Michael Sheldon; Kazunori Nakajima; Juan Bernal; Brian W. Howell; Tom Curran; Eduardo Soriano; Alberto Muñoz


Scholarcy highlights

  • The reelin and dab1 genes are necessary for appropriate neuronal migration and lamination during brain development
  • RESULTS reelin mRNA expression is downregulated in the cerebral cortex of hypothyroid rats To determine whether reelin expression was altered by thyroid hormone depletion in the developing rat brain, we first analyzed reelin mRNA levels by Northern blot hybridization
  • To gain insight into the regional differences in the regulation of reelin expression by thyroid hormone, we performed in situ hybridization analyses
  • The pattern of reelin expression at embryonic day 18 and postnatal day 0 was similar in layer I/SLM
  • We show here that thyroid hormone, an agent known to exert broad regulatory actions on brain maturation, increases reelin RNA and protein levels
  • The lack of a strict correlation between the changes in RNA and protein levels might indicate that reelin expression is regulated at multiple levels, perhaps by thyroid hormone
  • Besides the above discussed data on BDNF expression, we and others have previously reported a positive regulation of nerve growth factor, the trkA gene encoding its high-affinity receptor, and neurotrophin-3 genes by thyroid hormone during rat brain development

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