Gold Nanoparticle Mediated Laser Transfection for Efficient siRNA Mediated Gene Knock Down

We explore the parameter regime for gold nanoparticle mediated laser transfection for the delivery of molecules into cell lines and prove its suitability for siRNA mediated gene knock down

Dag Heinemann


Scholarcy highlights

  • Laser transfection of cells is a growing research field in the area of molecule delivery as an alternative to established transfection methods like lipofection or electroporation
  • In order to combine the mentioned advantages of laser transfection with a high throughput, we describe a technique termed gold nanoparticle mediated laser transfection: The cells are incubated with gold nanoparticles with a diameter of 200 nm
  • The transfection and knock down results presented show that GNOME laser transfection is an efficient technique for the transfection of siRNA and that it can compete with established methods in terms of efficacy and cell viability
  • Our study demonstrates that the effect of single particles in interaction with single laser pulses allows membrane permeabilization
  • The results provide a strong basis for future investigations and optimization of gold nanoparticle mediated laser transfection
  • The tested groups showed no significant difference between the different time points
  • Within the field of biomedicine, applications in three dimensional cell cultures, tissues or in vivo are of special interest and GNOME laser transfection might provide an excellent tool for molecular delivery in these settings

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