Modulations of the Chicken Cecal Microbiome and Metagenome in Response to Anticoccidial and Growth Promoter Treatment

This study examined the effects of the coccidiostat monensin and the growth promoters virginiamycin and tylosin on the broiler chicken cecal microbiome and metagenome

Jessica L. Danzeisen


Scholarcy highlights

  • For more than 50 years, antibiotic growth promoters have been used in agricultural animal production in the United States and other countries as a means to increase production through maintained animal health and improved feed efficiency
  • With increasing pressures to reduce or eliminate the use of antimicrobials in production animals, there is a growing need to better understand the effects elicited by these agents in order to identify alternative approaches that might be used to maintain animal health
  • Antibiotic usage at subtherapeutic levels is postulated to result in modulations to the microbes within the gut, resulting in the suppression of bacterial pathogens, reduction of nutrient use by the microflora, increased production of vitamins and other nutrients by the microflora, and reduced production of ammonia by the microflora
  • We studied the effects of a monensin/AGP regimen typical of that applied to broilers
  • Monensin acted to significantly deplete sequences classified as Roseburia, an effect that was observed in the monensin/AGP treatment groups
  • Analysis of all functional classes of antimicrobial resistance genes revealed no significant differences between the control and treatment groups in the binned sequences within each subsystem class
  • Roseburia was shown to be negatively correlated with mouse obesity; that is, Roseburia spp. were restored in the cecal contents of mice treated to revert from an obese to non-obese state
  • This study identified a number of significant modulations within the chicken cecum in response to monensin alone, monensin/virginiamycin, and monensin/tylosin treatment

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