From IT Leveraging Competence to Competitive Advantage in Turbulent Environments: The Case of New Product Development

This study focuses on the business process level of analysis and introduces the construct of IT leveraging competence—the ability to effectively use IT functionalities

Paul A. Pavlou; Omar A. El Sawy


Scholarcy highlights

  • A burning question for information systems researchers and practitioners is whether and how IT can build a competitive advantage in turbulent environments
  • Through the construct of IT leveraging competence, the study shows that the effective use of IT functionalities, even generic functionalities, by business units can help build a competitive advantage
  • The study shows that the strategic effect of IT leveraging competence is more pronounced in higher levels of environmental turbulence. This effect is not direct: It is fully mediated by both dynamic capabilities and functional competencies. These findings suggest that IS researchers should look beyond the direct effects of firm-level IT infrastructures and focus their attention on how business units can leverage IT functionalities to better reconfigure and execute business processes
  • Measuring the Successful Factors of Dynamic Capabilities by Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory-Based Model

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