What Is Wellness Now?

What Is Wellness Now? Anna Kirkland University of Michigan Wellness as Buzzword Wellness is a popular buzzword these days

Anna Kirkland


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  • What Is Wellness Now?Anna Kirkland University of MichiganWellness as Buzzword Wellness is a popular buzzword these days
  • Like ‘‘intersectionality’’ in feminist scholarship, the rise of ‘‘diversity’’ over affirmative action, ‘‘sustainability’’ in approaches to the natural world and its use and development, and ‘‘sexual health’’ in place of panic over sexually transmitted infections, the hegemony of the buzzword wellness signals its usefulness for framing consensus in contemporary American society
  • Diana Bowman and I would like to thank the University of Michigan Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholars program, which provided funding for a 2012 conference on wellness at which many of the ideas appearing in this special issue were discussed, and Heather Elliott and Daniel Rubin for their work organizing the event
  • 968 Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law correct, workplace wellness programs under the Affordable Care Act are about to become even more common and much more punitive

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