Systematic Review of the Impact of Cancer Survivorship Care Plans on Health Outcomes and Health Care Delivery

Study Participant Characteristics We found 17 studies focused on a specific cancer type,12,14,16-19,23-30,32-34 two studies focused on two cancer types,20,22 and five studies focused on a mix of cancer diagnoses.13,15,21,31,35

Paul B. Jacobsen; Antonio P. DeRosa; Tara O. Henderson; Deborah K. Mayer; Chaya S. Moskowitz; Electra D. Paskett; Julia H. Rowland


Scholarcy highlights

  • Randomized study findings were generally negative for the most commonly assessed outcomes; findings were positive in single studies for other outcomes, including amount of information received, satisfaction with care, and physician implementation of recommended care
  • A total of 1,399 studies were identified through five database searches and 54 additional articles were identified from reference lists and previous reviews
  • primary care provider follow-up does not result in increases in time to diagnosis of recurrence, increases in anxiety, or declines in quality of life
  • PCP follow-up does not result in more frequent recurrence-related serious clinical events or decrements in quality of life
  • With regard to distal outcomes, results of this review suggest that delivery of survivorship care plan alone is not likely to influence long-term health outcomes
  • survivorship care plan did not improve satisfaction with care but did increase amount of information received, symptoms experienced, concerns, emotional impact of illness, and primary care contacts

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