Chemical composition, antibacterial activity and related mechanism of valonia and shell from Quercus variabilis Blume (Fagaceae) against Salmonella paratyphi a and Staphylococcus aureus

This study suggests possible application of valonia and shell as natural antimicrobials or preservatives for food and medical application

Dan Zhou; Ze-Hua Liu; Dong-Mei Wang; Deng-Wu Li; Li-Na Yang; Wei Wang


Scholarcy highlights

  • Plant secondary metabolites and phytochemicals that exhibit strong bioactivities have potential to be developed as safe and efficient natural antimicrobials against food contamination and addressing antimicrobial resistance caused by the overuse of chemical synthetic preservative
  • ‚óŹ the ethanol crude extracts of valonia and the n-butanol fraction of valonia exhibited the strongest inhibition on S. paratyphi A and S. aureus and were selected to investigate the antibacterial mechanism
  • The results indicated that valonia was active against S. paratyphi A, with the diameters of inhibition zones of 12.37 mm, followed by S. aureus, S. typhimurium, S. enteritidis and L. monocytogenes
  • The phosphorus metabolism of bacteria The results indicated that the consumption of phosphorus of S. aureus and S. paratyphi A that treated with VEE and VBF decreased with the incubation time
  • The results indicated that valonia and shell of Q. variabilis possessed higher content of phenolic compositions and tannins, in which the ellagic acid is abundant in valonia extracts
  • VEE and VBF showed the best antibacterial activities against S. paratyphi A and S. aureus and the results of antibacterial mechanism showed that the extracts could damage the membrane of bacteria and result in great leakage of protein and nucleic acid of bacterial cells as well as the total sugar in the medium
  • Further research on molecular cytology level was needed to comprehensively investigate the antibacterial mechanism and find the specific target of substance, which could provide the theoretical basis for development and utilization of Q. variabilis resources

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