FITC and Ru(phen)32+ co-doped silica particles as visualized ratiometric pH indicator

We developed a kind of multicolor silica particles co-doped by fluorescent (fluorescein

Jianquan Xu


Scholarcy highlights

  • In recent years, ratiometric fluorescent pH indicators had been developed for sensitive detection of pH of an analyte
  • Most of the ratiometric pH indicators reported required the measurements of the emission intensity of the two dyes under two different excitation wavelengths, which made the analysis process be complicated and difficult to be visualized by naked eye
  • We explored the feasibility of such fluorescein isothiocyanate and Ru(phen)32+ co-doped silica particles as visualized pH indicator, in which the green FITC was used as the pH sensitive dye and the red Ru(phen)32+ was employed as reference dye
  • No emission of the dye was detectable in the supernatant, indicating complete incorporation of the reference dye added into the silica particles
  • The two dyes were introduced into silica particles in a core/shell architecture to maximize the contact of the pH sensitive dye FITC with analyte while protecting the reference dye Ru(phen)32+ from the environment
  • The co-doped silica particles were sensitive to pH in the range of 2 to 8 distinguishable either by the emission spectra or in color observable by naked eye
  • The pH indicator showed good sensitivity around physiological pH, making it potential useful as a simple visualization pH indicator from detection of intracellular micro-environment

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