Local Pakistani Citizens’ Benefits and Attitudes Toward China–Pakistan Economic Corridor Projects

This study investigated the influence of China–Pakistan Economic Corridor projects on the community lifestyle of local Pakistani citizens

Shamsa Kanwal; Abdul Hameed Pitafi; Muhammad Yousaf Malik; Naseer Abbas Khan; Rao Muhammad Rashid


Scholarcy highlights

  • The economic, employment, and financial problems of Pakistan provide several reasons to develop regional infrastructure projects in the country
  • To further support the bilateral ties, Chinese officials have initiated the project with the name “China–Pakistan Economic Corridor,” which will economically be beneficial for China and Pakistan
  • According to Chinese and Pakistani officials, CPEC projects will create thousands of employment opportunities for Pakistani citizens, which will assist in gripping the problem of unemployment in Pakistan, and after hiring, people were trained, so that they were capable of the utmost operation locally
  • The idea of the current study was to examine the benefits of CPEC projects for the local community, and on the basis of benefits, to analyze the perception of the local community related to the CPEC
  • Most of the hypotheses are validated by the current data set, showing the local community interest associated with the CPEC
  • Hypothesis 2a: The education of the local community is significantly related to the income of local citizens
  • The current research summarizes that the native community of Pakistan can acquire benefits related to the CPEC
  • When a local community gains benefits from China–Pakistan Economic Corridor projects, their attitudes will be positive, and they will provide considerable support

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