A systematic review of the correlates and management of nonpremature ejaculatory dysfunction in heterosexual men

We report on ejaculatory dysfunction as defined by the National Institutes of Health chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome -like symptom index as perineal and/or ejaculatory pain and a total pain score of 4 or greater

Raouf Seyam


Scholarcy highlights

  • A better understanding of ejaculatory disorders has led to an increasing interest in nonpremature ejaculatory dysfunction
  • Another study of sexual dysfunction in young adults with schizophrenia treated with neuroleptics showed that patients had significantly more Delayed ejaculation and anejaculation versus normal controls.Thioridazine treatment was associated with 60% incidence of difficulties in sexual function
  • Clozapine treatment in schizophrenic male patients was associated with better sexual function scores in the domains of orgasm compared with classical antipsychotics
  • Other psychosocial factors more commonly identified in men with inhibited ejaculation included lower level of relationship satisfaction, greater level of distress, higher level of health-related problems and lower levels of self-reported subjective sexual arousal, despite having high-quality erections across a variety of situations
  • Underestimation of the problem is primarily due to less specific definition of the condition as compared to other sexual dysfunctions as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation
  • In a Canadian study in men without evidence of prostate cancer who participated in an annual prostate cancer screening event, 46% had reduced ejaculatory volume and 66% were bothered by the condition; ED and advanced age were risk factors
  • As there is a need to improve the quality of life of aging men and for cancer survival patients, ejaculatory dysfunction is an area that requires more attention
  • Specific questionnaires, studies that better identify risk factors and confounding variables and more effective treatment strategies are all needed to achieve this goal

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