Forgiveness Therapy for the Promotion of Mental Well-Being: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

The results suggest that forgiveness interventions are effective in reducing depression, anger and hostility, and stress and distress and in promoting positive affect

Sadaf Akhtar; Jane Barlow


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  • Interpersonal hurts and violence against the individual have a high prevalence and are associated with a range of long-term problems in terms of psychological functioning
  • Sadaf Akhtar is a health and social scientist, and her primary research interests are in understanding barriers to and factors promoting human health and well-being, including trauma and violence, religion/spirituality, and forgiveness
  • Jane Barlow is a professor of public health in the early years and pro-dean for Research at the University of Warwick. She is the director of Warwick Infant and Family Well-Being Unit at Warwick Medical School. Her main research interest is the role of early parenting in the etiology of mental health problems and in particular the evaluation of early interventions aimed at improving parenting practices, during pregnancy and the postnatal period
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