Transplacental thyroxine and fetal brain development

These findings suggest that small amounts of residual heparan sulfate activity are sufficient to catalyze antithrombin or that other vessel wall glycosaminoglycans can compensate for all but complete lack of heparan sulfate activity

R. Thomas Zoeller


Scholarcy highlights

  • There is little information about the consequences that these defects in cytoarchitecture can have on the functioning of the adult rat brain, but it is very clear that migration defects in the human brain are associated with neurological deficits
  • The radial migration of cortical neurons is unique in that postmitotic neurons migrate along scaffolding provided by so-called radial glia
  • Reelin is a large extracellular protein secreted by CajalRetzius neurons that bind to membrane receptors on migrating neurons, inducing the phosphorylation of disabled homolog 1 and triggering an intracellular signaling cascade that appears to be important in instructing cells in their proper destination
  • Reelin expression is reduced and Dab1 expression enhanced in the hypothyroid state
  • It is unclear whether the effects of thyroid hormone on the Reelin-Dab1 system are direct, and whether this system plays a role in the results of Lavado-Autric et al
  • Acute changes in maternal thyroid hormone induce rapid and transient changes in specific gene expression in fetal rat brain

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