Administration of Tritiated Digoxin with and without a Loading Dose

It seems well-founded that some subjects given a maintenance dose of digoxin without a loading dose have an ultimate retention equal to that of others given a loading dose followed by maintenance therapy



Scholarcy highlights

  • The radioactivity in sequential samples of blood following daily oral administration of an alcoholic solution of tritiated digoxin indicates that intestinal absorption begins within 30 minutes
  • When digoxin is given as an alcoholic solution, rapid absorption occurs since activity appears in the blood within 30 minutes after drug ingestion
  • The metabolism of digoxin was investigated in eight normal subjects during daily administration of 0.5 mg of the drug for 1 to 2 weeks
  • One group was given 2.0 mg of tritiated digoxin whereas this loading dose was omitted in the other group
  • Serial blood samples and collection of total urine and stool were analyzed for radioactivity
  • The data obtained from the no-loading-dose group are consistent with the daily excretion in urine and stool of about 30% of that amount present in the body

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