Oxygen dependence of mitochondrial function in isolated rat cardiac myocytes

These results indicate that mitochondrial respiration results in establishment of a gradient of O2 concentration from the suspending medium to the mitochondrial inner membrane

F. G. Kennedy; D. P. Jones


Scholarcy highlights

  • The O2 dependence of respiratory functions was studied in suspensions of isolated rat cardiac myocytes
  • Direct optical spectroscopy of the oxidation of cytochromes and oxygenation of Mb showed that cytochrome alpha 3 oxidation measured at 445-460 nm parallels Mb oxygenation; half-maximal values were at 8.0 and 8.5 microM, respectively
  • The intracellular O2 gradient is an important factor in determining the O2 dependence of mitochondria in cells and may contribute to the O2 dependence of cardiac myocyte function in vivo
  • Journal of Applied Physiology Journal of Neurophysiology

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