Radiogenomic Analysis of Breast Cancer: Luminal B Molecular Subtype Is Associated with Enhancement Dynamics at MR Imaging

For both of the proposed dynamic features, we explored two different sets of parameters to evaluate the relationship between enhancement of the lesion and enhancement of the background parenchyma

Maciej A. Mazurowski


Scholarcy highlights

  • We have demonstrated that semiautomatically extracted breast magnetic resonance imaging features are correlated with a molecular subtype of breast cancer
  • The luminal B molecular subtype is associated with computerized MR imaging features that relate the enhancement dynamics of the tumor with background parenchymal enhancement
  • This is early work, we showed that computer-assisted extraction of image features can be used to help identify breast cancer molecular subtypes
  • Substitution of imaging features for genetic analysis may provide a prognostic benefit with no additional cost or delay in treatment planning
  • Many of the variables tested with our algorithms, including those found to be significantly associated with molecular subtype, could not be assessed reliably by the interpreting radiologist without computer support
  • The ability to identify breast cancer molecular subtype without formal genetic analysis has enormous potential clinical benefits

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