Characterization of a Novel Group of Mycobacteria and Proposal of Mycobacterium sherrisii sp. nov.

We describe here the characterization of five isolates of Mycobacterium simiae-like organisms representing a novel group based on whole-cell fatty acid analysis and genotypic evaluation

R. Selvarangan


Scholarcy highlights

  • The genus Mycobacterium consists of a diverse group of acidfast bacilli that exist in the environment and cause infections in humans and animals
  • Genotypic analyses aimed at identifying nucleotide sequences of several chromosomal genes in the Mycobacterium genus coding for 16S rRNA, internal transcribed spacer 1, and 65-kDa heat
  • Our novel group can be differentiated from M. simiae-related organisms such as M. heidelbergense, M. intermedium, and M. interjectum by the inability to hydrolyze Tween 80
  • We describe here a novel group of isolates that by high-performance liquid chromatography analysis resembled M. simiae and M. lentiflavum but not the other members of the trimodal mycolic acid profile group, including M. triplex, M. genavense, or closely related organisms such as M. intermedium, M. interjectum, and M. heidelbergense
  • Genetic evidence by sequencing of the 16S rRNA and the hsp65 gene identified these isolates as a novel group
  • Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA and hsp65 gene sequences placed these novel isolates in a close cluster well differentiated from other species
  • The DNA sequence information from the type strain has been deposited in GenBank, and the accession number for the 16S rRNA gene is AY353699 and hsp65 gene is AY365190

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