Accumulation of Phosphorylated Repressor for Gibberellin Signaling in an F-box Mutant

Gibberellin regulates growth and development in plants

Akie Sasaki; Hironori Itoh; Kenji Gomi; Miyako Ueguchi-Tanaka; Kanako Ishiyama; Masatomo Kobayashi; Dong-Hoon Jeong; Gynheung An; Hidemi Kitano; Motoyuki Ashikari; Makoto Matsuoka


Key concepts

Scholarcy highlights

  • Gibberellin regulates growth and development in plants
  • The GID2 gene encodes a putative F-box protein, which interacted with the rice Skp1 homolog in a yeast two-hybrid assay
  • In gid2, a repressor for GA signaling, SLR1, was highly accumulated in a phosphorylated form and GA increased its concentration, whereas SLR1 was rapidly degraded by GA through ubiquitination in the wild type
  • We conclude that GID2 is a positive regulator of GA signaling and that regulated degradation of SLR1 is initiated through GA-dependent phosphorylation and finalized by an SCFGID2-proteasome pathway
  • Supported by a Grant-in-Aid for the Center of Excellence, a Grant-in-Aid from the Program for the Promotion of Basic Research Activities for Innovative Bioscience, the MAFF Rice Genome Project, and a research fellowship from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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