Fluorophore-mediated, fiber-optic, multi-analyte, immunosensing system for rapid diagnosis and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases

These results demonstrated that the simultaneous quantification of the four anticoagulants is possible with the mixed Alexa Fluor 647 -2°Mabs with little changes in the sensitivity, especially if the standard curve is obtained with the AF647-2°Mabs mixture

Liang Tang


Scholarcy highlights

  • Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the US with an average of one death every 34 sec and approximately $400 billion of direct and indirect cost in the US alone. Among the CVD related diseases, coronary heart disease is the single largest killer of Americans
  • A prototype of a semi-automatic, fluorophore mediated, fiber-optic, multi-analyte immunobiosensing system has been developed for simultaneous quantification of multiple CVD related biomarkers in blood plasma
  • A multi-anticoagulant and a multi-cardiac-marker sensing systems were developed for anticoagulant deficiency diagnosis and coronary heart disease diagnosis and prognosis, respectively
  • For simultaneous quantification of four factors in blood, the four sensors bearing antibodies specific for respective biomarkers were connected in series in a four-analyte sensing unit
  • A simultaneous assay of the four cardiac markers, MG, and C-reactive protein) in their clinically significant sensing ranges can be performed within 10 min, at an average S∕N ratio of 20
  • Since the viscosity of plasma is almost twice that of the phosphate buffered saline, the Protein C diffusion coefficient in plasma is approximately 50% less
  • Efforts were made to develop an automatic flow control system to precisely and automatically perform the assay procedures for simultaneous four analytes quantification. This semi-automatic sensing system is an initial effort towards the ultimate goal of a disposable and automatic sensing cartridge as a portable diagnostic tool for CVD related diseases
  • The principle of this multi-analyte sensing system can be applied for multi-sensing of other disease-representing biomarkers, such as cancer markers

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