Clinical and neurobiological advances in promoting regeneration of the ventral root avulsion lesion

We review clinical repair strategies and current progress in experimental ventral root avulsion lesions

Ruben Eggers


Scholarcy highlights

  • Root avulsions due to traction to the brachial plexus causes complete and permanent loss of function
  • The current gold standard in patients with a root avulsion is nerve transfer, whereas reimplantation of the avulsed root into the spinal cord has been performed in a limited number of cases
  • The molecular and cellular changes following ventral root avulsion and the efficacy of intervention strategies have been studied at the level of spinal motoneurons, the ventral spinal root and peripheral nerve, and the skeletal muscle
  • We present an overview of cellā€based pharmacological and neurotrophic factor treatment approaches that have been applied in combination with surgical reimplantation
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