Structure and development of a benthic marine microbial mat

We reported the importance of nitrogen fixation in the initial colonization of low-nutrient sediments

Lucas J. Stal


Scholarcy highlights

  • Microbial mats are benthic populations of microorganisms, usually dominated by phototrophic bacteria
  • Morphology and growth of the mats Sandy sediments of fine grain size in the upper littoral of Mellum are colonized by cyanobacteria
  • Oxygenic photosynthesis of the cyanobacteria provides the main input of organic material to the low-nutrient sandy sediments
  • Cyanobacteria occur in the top layer -- the mat itself -- covering a layer of purple sulfur bacteria and a layer of sulfate-reducing bacteria
  • The cyanobacterial mat was investigated by scanning electron microscopy
  • Mat development The initial colonization of the Menum intertidal sediments was performed by Oscillatoria sp
  • Redox profiles measured in the mat led to the conclusion that the upper 10 mm of the sedimentary sequence is in a relatively oxidized state

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