Culinary arts and meal science - a new scientific research discipline*

During the course of our educational endeavours at the department, we studied the meal from a five-aspect viewpoint with the following main elements: the room, the meeting, the product, the atmosphere and the management control system, which constitute the framework within which we formulate our issues and questions

Inga-Britt Gustafsson


Scholarcy highlights

  • A new scientific research discipline has been accepted at the Department of Restaurant and Culinary Arts at Örebro University
  • The subject area definition of Culinary Arts and Meal Science, as opposed to Culinary Science, was chosen. This is because Culinary Arts places great emphasis on practical skills, aiming to combine these with science as well as with working methods with an artistic content
  • The guest/diner evaluates the meal with something like these five aspects in mind is the subject of our research! At present, seven PhD students have been admitted to the postgraduate course in Culinary Arts and Meal Science
  • These students will study the meal, or certain parts of it, and the importance of the various components are presented from a number of perspectives

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