Secure routing in wireless sensor networks: attacks and countermeasures

We propose security goals for routing in sensor networks, show how attacks against ad-hoc and peer-to-peer networks can be adapted into powerful attacks against sensor networks, introduce two classes of novel attacks against sensor networks––sinkholes and HELLO floods, and analyze the security of all the major sensor network routing protocols

C. Karlof; D. Wagner


Scholarcy highlights

  • Our focus is on routing security in wireless sensor networks
  • One aspect of sensor networks that complicates the design of a secure routing protocol is in-network aggregation
  • We propose threat models and security goals for secure routing in wireless sensor networks
  • Secure routing is vital to the acceptance and use of sensor networks for many applications, but we have demonstrated that currently proposed routing protocols for these networks are insecure
  • We leave it as an open problem to design a sensor network routing protocol that satisfies our proposed security goals
  • The possible presence of laptop-class adversaries and insiders and the limited applicability of endto-end security mechanisms necessitates careful protocol design as well

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