Antecedents of project learning and time‐to‐market during new mobile service development

Case study research design We have developed a case study design at a leading Dutch telecommunications company

Vera Blazevic


Scholarcy highlights

  • As the mobile telecommunications market is shifting toward saturation, telecommunications companies in Europe need the introduction of UMTS to supply additional capacity and offer new revenue-generating services
  • The purpose of this paper is to construct a conceptual framework on the critical antecedents of project learning and time-to-market during new mobile service development
  • Mobile service innovations are defined as any new services that are delivered with the support of wireless devices
  • In line with the information processing view of organizations, the examined project teams can be conceived as information systems that develop organizational knowledge
  • Thefast'' transformation of technological and market information into successful market-demanded outcomes is vital for the survival in a fast evolving mobile environment
  • We have provided an in-depth investigation of this intersection of speed and knowledge, the intersection of project learning and time-to-market

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