The Submergence Tolerance Regulator Sub1A Mediates Stress-Responsive Expression of AP2/ERF Transcription Factors

We identified 898 genes displaying Sub1A-1-dependent regulation

Ki-Hong Jung; Young-Su Seo; Harkamal Walia; Peijian Cao; Takeshi Fukao; Patrick E. Canlas; Fawn Amonpant; Julia Bailey-Serres; Pamela C. Ronald


Scholarcy highlights

  • Submergence of rice during the monsoon flooding season seriously limits rice production in south and southeast Asia, causing annual losses of over one billion U.S dollars
  • We reconfirmed the phenotypes of M202(Sub1) and M202 lines before performing the transcriptome assays as we described in a previous study and validated the expression of the two marker genes, namely Sub1A and Sub1C of the Sub1 locus
  • Based on the identification of 12 AP2/ethylene-responsive factor transcription factors in three AP2/ERF groups with a putative function downstream in Sub1A-1-mediated submergence tolerance, we explored the possibility of conserved motifs in their promoter regions
  • As restriction of shoot elongation during submergence plays a key role in the tolerance response of M202, we focus on the promoter analysis of four AP2/ ERF genes in group IIIc
  • We propose that AP2/ERF genes in group IIIc repress GA production upstream of Slender Rice1 or SLRL1, because these AP2/ERF genes up-regulate the GA 2-oxidase catabolism of active GAs, as seen in Arabidopsis overexpressing rice DELAYED FLOWERING1
  • We evaluated enrichment of Gene Ontology terms for genes up-regulated in M202(Sub1) compared with M202 at 1 d after submergence, genes up-regulated in M202(Sub1) at 1 d after submergence compared with untreated controls, and genes down-regulated in M202 at 1 d after submergence compared with untreated controls in the biological process category
  • We found that both of these GRAS domain protein genes belong to cluster 2 and show an expression pattern associated with Sub1A-1-mediated tolerance

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