Mutation of the Rice Narrow leaf1 Gene, Which Encodes a Novel Protein, Affects Vein Patterning and Polar Auxin Transport

We provide evidence showing that Nal1 is richly expressed in vascular tissues and that mutation of this gene leads to significantly reduced polar auxin transport capacity

Jing Qi; Qian Qian; Qingyun Bu; Shuyu Li; Qian Chen; Jiaqiang Sun; Wenxing Liang; Yihua Zhou; Chengcai Chu; Xugang Li; Fugang Ren; Klaus Palme; Bingran Zhao; Jinfeng Chen; Mingsheng Chen; Chuanyou Li


Scholarcy highlights

  • The size and shape of the plant leaf is an important agronomic trait
  • Our results demonstrated that the nal1 mutation affects vascular patterns in leaves and culms of rice
  • It had been established that auxin, especially its characteristic polar transport, plays a key role during pattern formation of the vascular system in both dicot and monocot plants
  • Our findings that the nal1 mutant showed abnormal vascular patterns in leaves and culms suggested that the nal1 phenotypes might be associated with auxin-dependent deficiencies
  • Given that nal1 plants show abnormal vascular patterns in leaves and culms, the reduced polar auxin transport activity in nal1 could be due to defective vascular development in coleoptiles
  • The results presented here demonstrated that mutation of the Nal1 function affects both auxin transport and vascular patterns; further studies are required to address whether the nal1 aberrations in vascular patterns are the result of its deficient auxin transport
  • The 30-bp deletion of the putative Nal1 allele in the mutant, which was confirmed in both cDNA and genomic sequences between nal1 and wild-type plants, could be detected with PCR using the primer pair 5#-GATGACTTTGACATTTCCACCGT-3# and 5#-GAGTGATTCATTGGTAATGATAA-3#

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