Cytokinins in tRNA of Corynebacterium fascians

Is presen,t in tRNA of some other organisms

Satoshi Matsubara; Donald J. Armstrong; Folke Skoog


Scholarcy highlights

  • Is presen,t in tRNA of some other organisms
  • An additional minor peak w-as observed on chromatograms developed with soilvents A and B
  • This activity coincided with the zone of zeatin and 6-,puirine in solvenit A, ibuit not in sooilvent B
  • In soilvent B was there a minor peak corresponding to the RF of
  • The above 'resul;ts show conclusively that cytokinin activity is present in Corynebacteriumi fasciaus tRNA
  • -, the presenice of inhibitors in the mediuim.nd in the crude celil extracts, antl other difficulties in makin(g quantitative estimates of cx-tokinin activitv preclude(d reliable data on the relative amotluts of free ba-ies, ribosides, and boundcl forms or oni the respective roles of these substances as sources of the cv-tokinin activity in the culture;

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