Isolation and characterization of a hydrogen peroxide resistant mutant of Bacillus subtilis

We have studied the effects of H 2 0 2on Bacillzks szkbtilis

O. M. Hartford; B. C. A. Dowds


Scholarcy highlights

  • All aerobic organisms generate oxygen free radicals as a result of oxygen metabolism
  • The mutant was found to be constitutively resistant to high concentrations of H 2 0 2and accumulated high levels of several proteins, including those induced by H 2 0 2in the wild-type
  • An attempt was made to isolate a H202-resistantmutant by selecting mutagenized cells on LB medium containing 3-1mM H20
  • It has been noted that strains which are stress-resistant as a result of DNA amplification are unstable when grown in the absence of the stress but the resistance of MA991 was retained after prolonged growth in the absence of H,02
  • Four proteins that were induced by H,O, in the wild-type were constitutively synthesized at a high rate in the mutant
  • MA991 is constitutively resistant to high concentrations of H,O, it synthesizes all of the proteins induced by H,O, in the wild-type and it grows as filaments of cells
  • The only exception is the 20 kDa protein, which is constitutively synthesized in the spoOA mutant at approximately the same rate as in the induced wild-type

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