A Web-Based Mindfulness Stress Management Program in a Corporate Call Center

To facilitate broad access to stress management at a lower cost than in-person programs, we developed an 8-week web-based stress management program based on mindfulness meditation principles, titled Stress Free Now.32

Didier Allexandre; Adam M. Bernstein; Esteban Walker; Jennifer Hunter; Michael F. Roizen; Thomas J. Morledge


Scholarcy highlights

  • With prior findings suggesting that clinical support may have greater effect on adherence than peer support, we explored the potential benefit of combining group and low-dose clinical onsite support
  • Four individuals assigned to WSMg2 and one to WSMg1 had schedule conflicts and could not attend the group meetings and were reallocated to the first available study group on the randomization list that fit their work schedule: three were reassigned to WSMg1, one to WSMg2, and one to control group
  • Some participants found it informative and beneficial to hear others’ various coping strategies. This 1-year randomized controlled trial demonstrates that a web-based program based on the principles of mindfulness meditation can reduce stress and improve well-being in a stressful and emotionally demanding work setting
  • Active participation in the program decreased once the 8week intervention ended, psychological improvements among participants persisted and benefits could be observed up to 1 year later
  • For all three intervention groups, perceived stress substantially decreased, bringing Perceived Stress Scale scores down to moderate levels compared with the 2012 U.S normative value of 16.64 for those ß 2016 American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine participants with group support, their exhaustion score decreased into a normative range
  • Group practice of mindfulness techniques, with minimal external support, significantly improved program participation and benefits, suggesting the intervention may be cost-effective and scalable

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