A Psychometric Evaluation of the CDRS and MADRS in Assessing Depressive Symptoms in Children

We focus on children



Scholarcy highlights

  • Major depressive disorder in children has a point prevalence of about 2%
  • We focus on children
  • Total scores were correlated between Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale and Children’s Depression Rating Scale-Revised at both baseline and at exit
  • Item total correlations at exit depict some items on both the scales show stronger correlations to total score than others
  • Item total correlations exceeded 0.5 for all MADRS items save for appetite
  • The CDRS-R and MADRS were compared on their ability to identify response at exit. Response for this manuscript was defined a priori as a ≥50% reduction in baseline total score for each measure
  • Suicidal thoughts were poorly correlated with total depression with CDRSR but not with MADRS
  • This is the first study to our knowledge to compare the psychometric properties of the CDRSR and Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale scales in children

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