From the Cover: Vulnerability of C6 Astrocytoma Cells After Single-Compound and Joint Exposure to Type I and Type II Pyrethroid Insecticides

We found concentration-related damage in several C6-cell subcellular compartments at ! 10À1 lM levels

Delfina M. Romero; Bruno G. Berardino; Marcelo J. Wolansky; Mónica L. Kotler


Scholarcy highlights

  • Whether simultaneous low-level exposure to multiple pesticides may be a potential etiological factor of nervous system disorders is still under debate
  • Our findings indicate that C6 cells are responsive to nM levels of pyrethroid insecticides, suggesting that astroglial susceptibility may contribute to the low-dose neurological effects caused by these insecticides
  • This research further suggests that C6 cells may provide relevant information as a screening platform for pesticide mixtures targeting nervous system cells by expected and unexpected toxicogenic pathways potentially contributing to clinical neurotoxicity
  • We showed that exposure to PYRs for 24 h impairs C6 cell viability
  • Our results suggest that neuroglia-derived cells may be susceptible to physiological disruption after exposure to environmentally relevant levels of PYRs
  • An average 36.5% decrease in viability was observed at the highest concentration compared with the DMSO control using 2% serum
  • For all PYRs tested, concentration-related changes in the number of viable cells at 24 h correlated with the disruptive effect on the fusion/fission equilibrium
  • The fact that low-nM concentrations of pyrethroid insecticides in the test mixture were disruptive of various critical indicators of C6 cell survival warns of the potential harmful effects of low-dose exposures to PYRs. This study using a cell line with an astrocytic lineage calls for future research efforts to determine to what extent the low-dose levels of PYRs may exacerbate chronic nervous system disorders caused or influenced by aberrant neuron-glia interactions

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