Thermal conductivity of carbon nanotubes

Using the empirical bond order dependent force field, we have studied here the thermal conductivity of nanotubes’ dependence on structure, defects and vacancies

Jianwei Che; Tahir Çagin; William A Goddard


Scholarcy highlights

  • The quest to reduce the size of electronic devices and integrated micro/nano-electro-mechanical systems provides the main driving force behind the scientific research and technological advancement in nanotechnology
  • We mention here that the thermal conductivity for an isolated single-wall carbon nanotube is not a well defined quantity, since the cross section of heat conduction can be chosen in various ways
  • We have reported here the high thermal conductivity for single-walled nanotubes based on molecular dynamics simulations
  • The implication is very important since it promises efficient thermal management in nanotube-based MEMS/NEMS devices
  • More detailed analysis is needed to understand the origin of this behaviour
  • More accurate interaction potentials will be developed to quantitatively study the nanotubes and other nanostructures

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