Social media as a destination marketing tool: its use by national tourism organisations

The aim of this paper is to explore the usage of social media among the Destination Marketing Organisation of the top ten most visited countries

Stephanie Hays


Scholarcy highlights

  • The creation and accessibility of the Internet has fundamentally changed our daily lives and in the case of tourism, it has reshaped how travellers access information, the way they plan for and book trips, and the way they share their travel experiences
  • Destination Marketing Organisation are at the initial stages of understanding and experimenting with how to use social media to promote their destinations and many “struggle to keep pace with the evolution of new technologies the emergence of new advertising strategies”
  • Both the primary research conducted in this study and the supporting secondary research confirm Gretzel et al.’s notion that that the use of social media among DMOs is still largely experimental over five years since their study was published
  • The results from the content analysis as well as the findings from interviews have illustrated that the social media strategies of top DMOs varies considerably, and with the exception of the efforts of Visit Britain and Tourism Queensland, are largely rudimentary
  • The two examples of VisitBritain and Tourism Queensland offer many examples of best practice which may well offer important lessons for other national tourism organisations starting to enter the world of social media to market their destination
  • Identifying DMOs with unique, active, and/or successful social media marketing strategies and analysing how they utilise social media could be of particular interest to see if any patterns emerge, or how those DMOs differ from those analysed in this research whilst this study has provided one such typology to study social media, future studies will be able to elaborate on these methods

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