Improving schoolteachers' workplace learning

We argue that insights from the literature and the research, including insights from other projects in the network, enhance our understanding of teacher learning

Heather Hodkinson *; Phil Hodkinson


Scholarcy highlights

  • This paper is set in the context where there is a policy emphasis on teacher learning and development in a number of countries as a means towards school improvement
  • It reports on a longitudinal research project about the workplace learning of English secondary school teachers, carried out between 2000 and 2003
  • This was part of a Teaching and Learning Research Programme network of projects looking at learning in a variety of workplaces
  • The paper contrasts some key features in the teacher development and workplace learning literatures, which highlight different understandings of learning—as acquisition, participation and/or construction
  • We argue that current policy approaches to teacher development in the UK are over‐focused on the acquisition of measurable learning outcomes, short‐term gains, and priorities that are external to the teachers
  • We examine briefly some barriers to this approach, and give some suggestions of what could be done

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