Business agility and diffusion of information technology

We provided them with guidelines that would lead towards our vision of a coherent special issue

Lars Mathiassen; Jan Pries-Heje


Scholarcy highlights

  • While agility has recently attracted considerable attention in studies of systems development and management of information technology, there is limited recognition within the information systems discipline of the important impact agility has already had on organizational studies in general
  • The extensive literature on agile development approaches has, for example, few or no links to the considerable literature on organizational agility that has developed since the Agility Forum was founded at Lehigh University in 1991 ()
  • Business agility is a relatively new paradigm painted as a solution for maintaining competitive advantage during times of uncertainty and turbulence in the business environment ()
  • Resources are about the capabilities that are available within the organization including people, technology, processes, and knowledge
  • Agility is concerned with economies of scope, rather than economies of scale ()
  • He has published extensively in major information systems and software engineering journals and has co-authored several books on the subject including Professional Systems Development, Computers in Context: The Philosophy and Practice of Systems Design, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, and Improving Software Organizations: From Principles to Practice

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