Recent progress of graphene orientation determination technology based on scanning probe microscopy

The results demonstrated different structures have shown at different tip-sample distances dts

Yu Zhang; Guangjie Liu; Wenjing Xu


Scholarcy highlights

  • With the development of the miniaturisation process, it's more and more difficult to manufacture chips with smaller sizes and lower costs
  • Graphene shows metallic or semiconductive characteristics according to the different geometry configurations and edge structures
  • In the nc-Atomic force microscope mode, the tip of the AFM does not contact with the sample during the imaging process, and the imaging is performed by detecting the changes of the resonance frequency of the probe
  • This review summary the recent researches on graphene orientation determination methods based on scanning probe microscopy
  • These methods could be divided into two categories: offline technique and online determination technique
  • AFM enables realising the online graphene orientation detection. It only enables detecting the orientation of single-crystalline graphene so far. This online determination technique is expected to detect the orientation of polycrystalline graphene and the graphene with structural defects, which meets the practical applications of graphene device manufacturing

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